10th Superfianl of Paragliding World Cup

There we are back to Brazil. Back to Baixo Guandu. Funy as my welcome picture on this blog comes from exactly the same place, and during the story-telling mayor of the town said that I am almost a siticident. It made me think and woohoow !!! I spent here in recent years almost as much time as in Warsaw. Creare!!!

With Charls and Clement, we arrived here 13.03. After some rest, we started training before the competition. The conditions were typically Brazilian with nice, soft thermals and not too much of wind. In one of the days of preparation Ijust wanted to get used to the air on a small flight around the takeoff and land in the city. But then I see how the weather is developing, I realized it was a day to fly to Pancas. A dream flight from last year – we did it during one of the tasks – but this time I wanted to go more into this landscape.

I’m starting to fly north. Charles followed me. As time passed, clouds appeared in front of us, giving us the feeling that everything is working just perfectly on time. Even maybe too much.

There was one solo Enzo following us bit at the side. We didn’t know only till end of the competition it was Stephan Morgentaler.

When we arrived to Pancas one more paraglider came in low – Felipe with his Spectra. He joined us on the way back and all of us returned to town of Baixo Guando.

We were so lucky with this flight. We could enjoy high cloud base. Amazing views and great friends on the side.

First week of World Cup was dominated by weak, wet weather created by tropickal cyklone next to Vitoria. I was doint realy well in this conditions enjoing placing 10 and 21 in a task.

Second week got dry and punchy. We even have flown again to Pancas on one task. This day I was pushing too hard with Michael Sigel and we got stuck on the way. Maybe not the best place in goal but fantastic views again.

I was doing not so bad till one day I was forced to trow my reserve parashut. Just after start I got cot in something like dustdevil and bum. No place to fight, so time to rescue.

Over last two task, wastrying to chatch up the lost in points, but I was trying too hard only losing more. Fairly frustrating expierience.

At prize giving ceremony I find out that my team took 2nd place. I was so happy and surprized by this news!!! I didn’t check this results at all. Nice to score on some task for the team and stay on podium at the end.

In woman category I have finished 5th. Not the result I was lucking for. Still I am happy to be ok. I am happy for great flights, great races with my dear friends.

Big congrars to all winners and pilots competing. Specialy to Russ, who have stoped racing for a wail and now finished on second place, by flying super smart. To Meryl, who showed amazing consistent flying over last season. Well deserved win.

More Superfinals to come!

Results on www.pwca.org




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